Free online-consultation

Free insurance-consultation for you - With our easy to access online-consultation, you just enquirefrom the comfort of your home.
All you need is a Smartphone/ Tablet or a PC/laptop with Skype & internet access.

Online-consultation with TVT Seguros - How it works

1 - Select appointment type and consultant

After clicking on "BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW", the corresponding booking window opens on a new page. Here, you will be easily guided through the process. First, choose the topic of your online-consultation (private health insurance, pension plan etc.) and then the "online-consultation" as your desired conversation type. 

After, select a TVT consultant of your choice.

Our consultants are all very well versed in the relevant topics. You should preferably select a consultant who has a free appointment slot.

2 - Select a suitable date

In the next step, you may select the most suitable appointment for you. It makes sense to click on "next available appointment" first. This way, you will be shown the next free possible dates for your appointment. 


First, select the day and then the suitable time.

NOTE: The demand for online-consultations is currently very high and you may not be able to find a free appointment on some days. If so, go back one step and choose a different TVT consultant. In the event that, even doing so, there is no availability of appointments, unfortunately all the consultation hours are occupied. For this we would apologize and hope you try again in a few days. There might be some slots for consultation available last minute.

3 - Just a few more details about yourself

On the next page, enter your name, email address and further contact details, confirm the privacy policy and click on "Show Summary". Here you can see all your booking details for your online-consultation with us.

If everything is correct, you only have to click on "Submit now" and the appointment for your online-consultation will be booked.

You will then receive again all important information about the appointment, summarized by email. Therefore, please make sure that your email address is written correctly, since you will then receive all further information about the appointment and the final link for the online-consultation.

4 - The online-consultation begins!

On the day of the concerted appointment, click on the corresponding link, that we havepreviously sent to your email address and then call your TVT consultant through our online-consultation tool. We will start the consultation straightaway. The duration of the consultation may vary depending on the need for clarification and your individual questions (usually around 1 hour).


Please, also make sure you have a stable internet connection and use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Regards our experience, they are the ones that work best.

Often, if we haven't been able to cover all the topics during the first consultation, a second appointment is arranged. In the event that you decide to contract a specific insurance with our consultant, an additional appointment will usually be arranged, in which we will calmly and without pressure fill in the forms together.


Finally, you will receive all correlative documents by email in PDF format. Please revise these as well, in order to make sure that all the information provided is correct. Then, we would need you to sign and return the forms. You may send them via email (PDF format) or through the post. In addition, at the end of each consultation, your personal consultant will send you the corresponding documentation fromthe information received, in which the details of all the topics are specified.

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In the permanent search for excellence, we now have an online Insurance advisory service.
We answer all your questions and offer you a personalised service.

- Confortable 

- 100% free

- 100% without obligation

- 100% personal

On line Customer Service Center 

In our Online Customer Service Center you can process all your needs & documents, 24h / 7, without waiting or traveling ... all at the distance of a click. You can process:


- International Green Card

- No Claim Bonus Certificate

- Request a quotation,

- Pay a Receipt,

- Request a copy of your contract

- Request changes to your contracts

- and much more...

Want to compare several premiums?

Simply upload existing policies or quotes and you will get a suitable comparison quote from us – it's free and non-binding.

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We are here to help you.

Our opening hours are: Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm.


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